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GPPP Registrar - Carin Ellefson

Outreach Coordinator - open

GPPP #23 Rector - Vicki Hallberg

Leadership Council*

Moderator - Lisa Turner
Vice Moderator - Darlene Grandia
Secretary - Chuck Shafer
Treasurer - Joyce Serenil

Camp Coordinator - Terri Mellor
Communications - Carol Rudesill
4th Day - open
Historian - Georgie Dudley
Leadership & Nominations - JB Turner
Music - Sandra Steinmetz

Outreach - open
Palanca - Debby Westby
Prayer Banner - Debby Westby
Registrar - Carin Ellefson
Renewal Groups - open
Spiritual Advisors - Caryn Pedersen and David Krueger
Trainer - Tami Brennan

*All members of the GPPP 4th Day are invited to attend and participate in Council meetings.